The Pure V5 Frame

Here at The Pure Bicycle Company we are continuously working to push the boundaries of performance and design. Our V5 Aluminium BMX frames are a combination of modern technology combined with a passion for BMX racing. The frames are made from the highest quality 6061 series hydro formed aluminium.  The tubes that have been used to create the frame have all been chosen to reduce power loss through the frame so that all the power that you put through the pedals goes onto the track and is not lost through the frame. There are many reasons to choose a Pure frame below you will see some of the key features listed.

Key Features:

  • CNC Machined head tube, bottom bracket shell and 3D drop outs. 
  • Hydro Formed 6000 series Tubing.
  • New for the V5 is an oval seat tube at the BB junction to reduce flex across the BB shell giving you a more positive gating response
  • Hydro Formed tube reduces flex in the frame from when you are pushing and pulling on the bars making for a more responsive ride and for a quicker response in the turns.
  • Short seat tube allows you to run the seat as low as you want to stop tyre buzz when wheeling a set of jumps.
  • Hydro formed rear chain stays are designed to reduce the power lost through the frame when pedalling to increase performance. The tube is a larger section to add stiffness to the rear end of the frame. A stiffer rear end means better gate starts and better acceleration.
  • Stainless Steel insets in drop outs to increase drop out life.
  • The frames have been balanced in there design to keep the frame stable when jumping this makes for more confident riding and allow the racer to push the limits of their riding.
  • Hard gloss powder coated finish with hard wearing graphics

Custom Colour options are avialable please email for information and quotes.

V5 Frame Geometry

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